He taught her well.


Just what are you….

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Baekhyun - 131227 2013 KBS Gayo Daejun

Credit: SEE THE LIGHT. (2013 KBS 가요대축제)

joonmyun smoothly giving Kyungsoo his credit card 


D.O - 131225 SMTown Week

Credit: D.OD.O.

kyungsoo receiving joonmyun’s gift : a book titled “how to be social in order to be successful "

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How to mess up your bias list

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In which Baekhyun doesn't get hit for teasing Kyungsoo
    they hold hands instead

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5-13/50 gifs of Do Kyungsoo. { Dancing Kyungsoo for Sweet Vily }

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kris is all like, “shut up bishes. you can laugh at me cry for mommy but don’t you dare laugh at kyungsoo.” \( #`⌂´)/┌┛

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